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Lukin Vitaliy Sergeevich, Junior researcher, Regional Training and Research Center of «Information security», Penza State University (40 Krasnaya, Penza, Russia),

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004.056; 004.032.26




Background. The purpose of the article is to compare the probabilities of type I errors for the statistical chi-square test and two new statistical tests with the harmonic mean in normal and logarithmic forms.
Materials and methods. It is proposed to use three statistical criteria when making a decision. It is proposed to solve the problem of different scales of three different criteria by replacing each criterion with an equivalent neuron with a binary quantifier. The quantizers are tuned to give equal probabilities of type I and II errors.
Conclusions. It is shown that the considered group of artificial neurons has significant prospects for practical application, since it has an extremely low correlation coupling.

Key words

artificial neurons, statistical criteria, testing the normality hypothesis, small samples.

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